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The duo are inspired by the on-screen visual aspects of Porter Robinson, Magdalena Bay and Madeon and have incorporated this in their shows at Band on the Wall, 33 Oldham Street, Off the Square, Penguin Showcase 2023 in Groningen and adapted their music orchestrally for the RNCM Session Orchestra Original Artists' Edition. Their debut single ‘Fade Away’ was released in July 2022, shapeshifting through ambient piano and electronic chaos, and was followed by their bubbly, hyperpop-influenced single ‘Put you on’ in October 2022.

Both sharing songwriting and production duties as well as an innate awkwardness, the two feel most at home creating music in their bedrooms, making drums out of extractor fans and other things in the near vicinity. Viv and Jasper are in that weird stage of being young adults but having a lot of growing up to do, which often leads to them exploring themes of change in their writing, wrapping it up in a fuzzy blanket of 2000’s nostalgia.

what is beck pocket?

Combining the exaggerated, glitchy pop production of PC Music and the disco-infused house of Daft Punk, bassist/vocalist Viv Griffin and keyboardist Jasper Clarke are independent electronic pop duo Beck Pocket. The two met whilst studying music in Manchester, collaborating in several projects before forming Beck Pocket in 2021, merging their love of groovy bass lines, unorthodox harmony, lush synth design and intricate drum programming.

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